YEAP - Your Easy Absence Planner

Having an efficient tool for managing absence requests will most probably be something everyone in your organization is dreaming about. YEAP is our online application for managing absence requests from your employees.


Employees make an online absence request (vacation, legal absence, training). Counters immediately show the amount of days still available.

Managers receive an automated alert when team members apply for absence which, they can approve or refuse. At any given time the tool shows an updated planning for the entire team.

HR employees manage the application and user rights. If the application is linked to the payroll software, all approved absences will automatically be transferred to the payroll administration.


  • Less administration: automated transfer of absences to the payroll administration
  • Straightforward: with a few simple clicks, requests are made and approved
  • Time saving: every user is able to consult his or her balance of absence days
  • Paperless: the whole process is automated which substantially decreases risk on errors and corrections
  • Continuity: absence requests can be handled by various managers or by delegates in case of absence of the responsible manager
  • Overview: every manager has an up-to-date overview of employees and team
  • User friendly: with login ID and password and an internet connection, users can access YEAP anywhere
  • Increased efficiency: direct interface with payroll application is possible (not a must)
  • Multilingual: available in Dutch, French and English

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